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Steve, along with his talented and lovely wife Beth, bought Quimper Sound in 2001. In August 2002 they welcomed Samuel Thelonious, now an enormously entertaining toddler with much potential. These events have enabled Steve to finally merge the two favorite jobs of his past (record store clerk, nanny) into something of a “career.”

In past lives he doesn’t much care to talk about, he played some saxophone and tried his hand at composing, managed a bakery and an ice cream parlor (on the east coast), made and installed Christmas decorations in malls, worked in an ice cream factory (on the west coast) and managed a couple of IS departments (including a bunch of surly system administrators at – but those days are long past. Today he is much more likely to regale you with stories of Sammy T’s latest foible than he is to make or sell you ice cream. And he’s far more likely to eat dirt than to offer to fix your computer for you.

Musically, he’s pretty conversant in all things jazz-ish as well as reasonably informed about 20th+ century classical (at least that’s where his curiosity takes him) and other forms of avant-garde noise making. An interest in anything new, musically, makes him a great person to tell all your new discoveries to. If you need something or have a question, he’ll work hard to find the answer for you.

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A Hoosier by birth, Michael began his westward migration as a teenager. After years of Montana honky-tonks, then Seattle yuppiedom, he washed ashore in Port Townsend (no relation!) around 1988. Besides working in guitar and record stores, Michael has played the exciting Quilcene-to-PortAngeles lounge and club circuit with the Bonairs, the Chanterelles, the Tango Rhythm Orchestra, a Sun Ra tribute band and Beatnik Zydeco.

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Chris Gunn’s Bio:

Name: Christopher Carl Gunn

Date of Birth: October 25th 1972

Date of Employment: July 1st 1997

Favorite Movie: Harold & Maude

Favorite Book: Prayer For Owen Meany

Instrument of Choice: Acoustic guitar

Hobby: Singer-songwriter

Biggest Influence: Neil Young

Favorite Adult Beverage: Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Essential Clothing Item: Black T-Shirt

Discography: Track Nine Theory

I Know The Angels Name

Low Ones

(all available at Quimper Sound!)

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Immanuel "E" Green (aka Dj Style "E")
Born - August 17th 1979, Summertown, TN
Height - 6' ft. Weight - 175 lbs.
Throws - Right Bats - Switch
Positions(s) - Retail Clerk, Dj/ Producer, and Consultant

History in a Nutshell - Ironically, Immanuel was born in the same town/state and the same day as Davey Crockett… who happens to be "E's" fourteenth cousin. He spent his childhood growing up 30 miles south of Tulsa, Oklahoma with his two other younger brothers and sister. Both of his parents who were and are multi-talented musicians and they all spent a lot of time house-sitting for a rock-n-roll band. With lots of exposure to classic rock, blues, country, rap and metal, Immanuel had begun to develop a broad taste of music. At the age of 14 he began to play the guitar. Shortly after, his mother moved him and his siblings to Port Townsend were his mom's family (Daubenberger, Sophie, Caldwell's, etc.) are from. By the age of fifteen "E" began composing and writing his own songs, and had a Indie, folkish-blues style and over an eight year span has probably written at least 4 or 5 albums of material. Though for the past five years Immanuel hasn't picked up the guitar much or sung a note. He discovered a new instrument after hearing Dj Icey's cut "Big Ditch"… the Technics 1200. Ever since then Immanuel (as Dj Style "E") has been pursuing the artistic side of Djing. Not just playing song when another one ends, but whole aspect of manipulating time with your hands by mixing, blending, cutting, scratching, and transforming, old songs into new (sounding) ones. With over 1,000 cd's and about 6-8,000 albums in his collection you imagine the possibilities and combinations of music. After a five and a half year time period of djing and tens of thousands of miles traveled, Immanuel has over 700 gigs under his belt. Starting in the bedroom to on and off Residencies at "Sirens", "The Surf" and currently Water Street Brewery in P.T. and has done Weddings, private parties, banquets, sweet-16's, school dances, clubs, you name it, he's done it. (Except a Bar-Mistva) Currently, Immanuel resides in Port Townsend wife his wife (Anna) and daughter (Eva). He has just finished his first full-length album "Small Town…Big City Nitelife" which is his follow-up to the "Style "E. P." which he released at the end of '03. It's hard to place "E" as a specific style of Dj both albums range from trip-hop, deep house, break beats, down-tempo, minimal, tech-house, and hip-hop, hence the name Style "E".

Top 10 Favorite All-Time Albums (no particular order)
1) Beatles - "White Album"
2) Bob Dylan - "Freewheelin'" and "Bringin' it all Back Home"
3) Kruder & Dorfmeister - "The K&D Sessions"
4) Wu-Tang Clan - "Enter the 36 Chambers"
5) Radiohead - "O.K. Computer"
6) Led Zepplin - "Led Zepplin"
7) Prince Paul - "Prince Among Thieves"
8) Tool - "Undertow"
9) Dr. Dre - "The Chronic"
10) Rithma - "Music Fiction"

Current Top 5 Favorites
1) Beck - Guero
2) Thievery Corp. - Cosmic Game
3) Greenskeepers - Pleetch
4) Rithma - "Music Fiction"
5) Urban Revolutions - Various artists

Current Top 5 12" singles
1) Rithma & Jonene - Nitrous Blues
2) Buckfunk3000 - Jump & Disrupt
3) Ambusher - I Know What You Mean
4) Johnny Fiasco - Werk It
5) Andy Caldwell - Give A Little

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Mike Olson is not the type to go on about himself.

Going on about music, however, is another thing altogether.

It is rare to have a conversation with Mike that doesn't involve some mention of his latest obsession, such as Mariah Carey's current release, or an old favorite, like Loverboy.

Even when inappropriate - at a funeral or during an arrest for instance - Mike can be heard hotly debating the merit of Barbara Streisand's use of backing vocals with anyone who will listen, or even a bit of nearby shrubbery (whose lack of voluntary motion render it helpless to escape).

Lab technicians, in a routine, involuntary study of his various anomalies, were startled to realize that his nocturnal twitchings corresponded chronologically with the output of the Jackson
5 and that his heart beats in four/four time - only stopping every quarter hour for station identification, and a recap of the news, traffic, and weather.

In short, Mike is a man of music - So stop on in and meet him some time! He really is very nice (and doesn't mind a bit of ribbing) -but don't forget your earplugs!

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Issuing forth from his mother with a sound not unlike that of a doughnut falling into a pail of room-temperature milk, Corey arrived on this planet midway through 1968 and, despite numerous local efforts to dislodge him, has remained.

Obsessions with atypical music, questionable visual stimulation, and wacky Japanese toys have rendered him further unsuitable for public consumption.

He enjoys writing, photography, and secretly rifling through old feed store catalogs in search of off-color, typographical errors.

His parents humbly ask your forgiveness.

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